Projects 2018 / 2019

(cinema, Web and litterature)

Feature films for the cinema:

► The Eye of Horus (saga of adventures) Episode 1: In talks with an international cast. See the headings.
► The Eye of Horus (Episode 2): Being written.

Short films (in preparation for various Festivals and Internet):

► Misleading appearances (Detective film). See PITCH in the headings “Screenplays Detective movies”.
► Infrared (Horror / Thriller – based on one of my short stories). See PITCH in the headings “Screenplays Horror movies”.
► Dream or nightmare (Science-fiction). See PITCH in the headings “Science-fiction movies”.

Literary projects:

► The literary version of  “The Eye of Horus” (Episode 1) will be sent to Publishers very soon.
► A comic book project of  “The Eye of Horus” (volume 1): In talks.