CorinneI write since my adolescence, but it is only lately that I decided to present my projects to the cinema, television and to publishing houses as well.

Author between 1996 and 2007 I followed, in Paris, different improving technics of writing of short novels and novels.

In March 2001, one of my short stories  ‘The door of sand’ received the first distinction in the section tales, by taking part in the International Literary Contest of Bordeaux,  organized by ‘Arts and Letters of France’.

Between 2007 and 2008, I followed my training of screenwriter with a Canadian school of Quebec. Today, I am also script doctor.

Since, different projects for the cinema, television and literature of various genres are in the course of writing, among which, a saga of adventures: ‘The Eye of Horus’, which will be also the subject of a TV serie destinated to the international audience.

Corinne J. Ceccarelli

‘My imagination
at your service…’